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Mrs Cooper is the Reception Class Teacher and Mrs Liddiard is the Higher Level Teaching Assistant.  Welcome to our class page.


We love learning in Reception!  Have a look below to see photos of some of the things we do and look below to find out what we are learning each term.   You will also find links to useful websites and documents, such as how to correctly form letters, at the bottom of this page.  Please feel free to make suggestions to Mrs Cooper as to what else you would like to see on this page.


                  Autumn Term 2018

We have been having lots of fun exploring our new environment. We access the outdoor area, lots of mark making resources and lots of objects that help us with maths. Have a look below at some of the fun learning we have been doing in Term 1.

All about shapes

The children have been exploring shapes. We have looked at shapes around the school, built with lots of different shapes, made pictures with shapes and played shape bingo. The children are getting very good at naming 2D and 3D shapes and recognising them.

Autumn Term 2017

Another busy couple of weeks in Reception!!

Lovely first week in Reception 2017

JOLLY SONGS A-Z(from the big book JOLLY SONGS)

Video showing all the Jolly Phonics actions and songs.

Please fill in the form below if you have any questions for Mrs Cooper. She will try to answer your query within 24 hours but this may not always be possible, particularly during weekends or holidays.

Further information about the EYFS curriculum can be found here.  Please ask Mrs Clark directly if you require any further information.  Please see below if you would like to read our EYFS policy.

Reception 2016/17

Enjoying our bug topic this term

Enjoying our bug topic this term 1
Enjoying our bug topic this term 2
Enjoying our bug topic this term 3
Enjoying our bug topic this term 4
Enjoying our bug topic this term 5
Enjoying our bug topic this term 6
Enjoying our bug topic this term 7
Enjoying our bug topic this term 8
Enjoying our bug topic this term 9
Enjoying our bug topic this term 10
Enjoying our bug topic this term 11
Enjoying our bug topic this term 12

It's a Nativity

It's a Nativity 1
It's a Nativity 2
It's a Nativity 3
It's a Nativity 4
It's a Nativity 5
It's a Nativity 6
It's a Nativity 7
It's a Nativity 8
It's a Nativity 9
It's a Nativity 10
It's a Nativity 11
It's a Nativity 12
It's a Nativity 13
It's a Nativity 14
It's a Nativity 15
It's a Nativity 16
It's a Nativity 17
It's a Nativity 18
It's a Nativity 19
It's a Nativity 20
It's a Nativity 21
It's a Nativity 22
It's a Nativity 23
It's a Nativity 24
It's a Nativity 25

Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark  1
Noah's Ark  2
Noah's Ark  3
Noah's Ark  4
Noah's Ark  5
Noah's Ark  6
Noah's Ark  7
Noah's Ark  8
Noah's Ark  9
Noah's Ark  10
Noah's Ark  11
Noah's Ark  12
Noah's Ark  13
Noah's Ark  14
Noah's Ark  15
Noah's Ark  16
Noah's Ark  17
Noah's Ark  18
Noah's Ark  19

Autumn term

Autumn term  1
Autumn term  2
Autumn term  3
Autumn term  4
Autumn term  5
Autumn term  6
Autumn term  7
Autumn term  8
Autumn term  9
Autumn term  10
Autumn term  11
Autumn term  12
Autumn term  13
Autumn term  14
Autumn term  15
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