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Class 5

September 2021

Mrs Starr welcomes you to Year 5. 


Mrs Seaton and Mrs Winfield are our teaching assistants.


PE will be on Tuesdays and Fridays. 


PPA cover will be taking place on Tuesday afternoons with Mrs Biggart, and Bex taking PE.



If your child is self-isolating at home, you will find daily home learning activities on Teams.  Please login at or download the Microsoft Teams app.

Your child has an individual login but please contact Mrs Starr, via Class Dojo, if you are having any problems logging in.

Don't forget to check Class Dojo regularly as you will find lots of photos of what we have been doing on there!

Shoe Wars - Class Book DT Project

Previous Years

Maths Fest 2018

We have created Anglo Saxon houses in DT.

We have had fun making our own levers in Science.

We had a fantastic time with Rattlebox Theatre Company.  See below for some action from our morning!

Rattlebox 1.mp4

Still image for this video
We had great fun today challenging ourselves to calculate the number of cubes used to create 3D shapes and then recreate the shapes using unifix cubes. 

The children were fascinated to find out more about earthquakes today and I was really impressed with the way they used what they already know about the structure of the earth to reason about why earthquakes occur.

We watched some really sobering film clips of earthquakes around the world and spent time researching facts about tsunamis, shockwaves and the Richter and Mercalli scale.  

Next week the children will be writing instructions on how to stay safe in an earthquake.

Once again term has begun with our Mystery Monday  (on a Tuesday!!)

When we opened our box this morning, we had a picture of Walt Disney.  The children were really excited and immediately began coming up with ideas of what they could do - these ideas included making Disney masks and props; creating their own Disney characters; making flick books; (to demonstrate animation) writing play scripts and creating their own films on the ipads.

By the end of the day all of the children had the opportunity to video their own films and on reflection, they were all impressed with the skill of Walt Disney and other film makers!

This term we have been learning all about volcanoes. We have watched film clips and completed research to find out what volcanoes are and how and why they erupt.  The children were then asked to complete an explanation text to explain their learning to the children in Class 3.  They looked at examples of explanation texts to ensure they were confident about what should be included and agreed on a Success Criteria.  When their explanation texts were completed, they thoroughly enjoyed sharing their learning with Class 3 and soon discovered if they had written for their audience effectively!
The children have had a fantastic time learning road safety skills with Marc and Des this week and almost all of the children who took part managed to achieve their Level 2 certificate and badge.  Well done Class 5!

Term 5 began with Mystery Monday and as always the children were excited to find out what was in the box and this term our box contained a peacock feather!

The children decided that they could produce fact files about peacocks and decided on subheadings they could research.  They enjoyed creating their own peacock feathers using different media including pastels, crayons and tissue paper and finally combined all of their feathers to create their very own peacock.  The afternoon ended with the children creating peacock inspired poetry including a peacock rap!

Class 5 had great fun today finding out more about forces.

Our investigation was to find out if objects weigh the same amount in air as in water using newton meters. We began by investigating what would happen if we pushed a balloon into water and soon discovered that water has a push back force (upthrust)  This helped the children to make accurate predictions and measurements about the weight of objects in water compared to their weight in air.


Class 5 have been working really hard at developing the quality of their creative writing this term, focussing on developing setting and characterisation.  The children looked at fantastic examples of characterisation in story books and considered what made them effective.  They practised developing characters through 'showing' rather than 'telling' and making inferences about their characters through the things they say and do.  We also looked at how figurative language could be used when describing settings and practised different ways of writing story openers.  Here are some of our WAGOLLS  (What a good one looks like!)
Well done to all the children who have worked hard on their Home Learning Project about the religious beliefs and rituals of the Ancient Maya.  Once again we had a fantastic time learning from each other and enjoying the creative ways they had chosen to demonstrate their learning.  Presentations varied from shoe boxes, models, power points, posters, leaflets and booklets and the children were rightly proud of the hard work they had put into their projects.  Well done!
I have been so impressed with the way the children have used their knowledge and understanding of fractions and decimals from their learning in Class 4 to enable them to apply their understanding to new concepts this year.  We have been looking at finding equivalent fractions to help us order and compare fractions and the children have drawn visual representations to reason and show their understanding.  They have been confidently converting mixed numbers and improper fractions and begun adding and subtracting fractions whose denominators are multiples of the same number.  Well done Class 5!
We have also learnt about the 'Phases of the Moon' this term and were able to explain why the moon appears to change shape over the course of a lunar month.  Our Home Learning Project this term was to research an aspect of the moon that particularly interested us.  Some of us discovered more about the lunar landings; others created fact files about the moon while others demonstrated our understanding of the phases of the moon.
We began our Science this term by making an orrery.  We looked on-line to check the current position of the planets and then made an orrery to represent what we had found out. 
We have continued to focus on gymnastics as part of our PE this term and have developed our theme of balance and sequences to include apparatus.

Our Spring Term began with 'Wonder Wednesday!'

An orange box appeared in our class and when we opened it we found a boomerang!  The children were then given the opportunity to plan their day around the boomerang.  The ideas that followed included finding out about places to visit in Australia; researching information about animals that can be found living in Australia; discovering more about the original inhabitants of Australia and learning more about Aboriginal art and recreating their own 'dot' paintings. A good day was had by all!

A very busy Christmas term ended with a thought-provoking Carol Service based on the theme of journeys, where many of the children shared their fabulous empathetic writing; retelling the journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem from the view point of Mary, Joseph or the shepherds.

Happy Christmas everyone!

Their Home Learning Project this term was to create a model of the solar system using a shoe box and the results of their hard work were amazing!
Class 5 have been really excited to begin our topic on Earth and Space this term.  We 'kicked off' our topic by attempting to create a 'scaled' model of the planets using pieces of fruit and toilet roll to demonstrate the relative distances between the planets!  The children then researched a planet of their choice and wrote an information text showing their learning, illustrated with a pastel picture. This was followed up with an inspirational workshop with Explorer Dome where the children amazed us with their knowledge and fabulous questions.
In PE this term we have been practising balancing and thinking about linking our balances to create sequences, using different points of contact.  This has required lots of team work and problem solving and the children have been really proud of their results.

As part of our topic on Invaders and Settlers this term the children completed a Home Learning Projects on 'The mystery of Sutton Hoo'.  

This topic really captured the children's imaginations and once again they completed some fabulous posters showing their learning; we had great fun learning from each other as they shared their projects and reflected on what they had done well and were proud of. Well done Class 5!

Our Topic this term is Invaders and Settlers and we have been learning about the Anglo Saxons and Vikings.  Our focus in English has been looking at the story of Beowulf and it's historical context.  We have had great fun looking at the role of a hero; making predictions; writing job descriptions and news reports and this work culminated in a fantastic puppet show depicting the first half of the poem Beowulf by Rattlebox Theatre. As well as this the children had a super time taking part in a workshop where they could see first-hand the type of armour worn by Vikings and the weapons and strategies they would have used in battle.


In Science this term we have been learning about Forces and had great fun, as part of the NHM Recovery Team, designing, making and testing parachutes!
In Maths this term we have been focussing on place value and reading, writing, ordering, comparing and rounding numbers up to 1000000.  Understanding the size of these numbers has been quite a challenge!

We had a fantastic first week back in Class 5 and the children had great fun designing and creating Anglo-Saxon villages.  We were so impressed with the way the children organised themselves; their fabulous creative ideas and the range of resources they bought in from home to bring their ideas alive - although we did have to draw the line at a bag of manure volunteered by one enthusiastic pupil!

Thank you to all the parents who came in to see the villages created - for those of you who were not able to pop in, we hope you enjoy looking at the photographs!

Welcome to Class 5!


Welcome to Class 5's webpage.

Mrs Bryant, Mrs Ogbourne and Miss Bavin welcome you to our Class 5 webpage.  Thank you to all those parents who attended our parent meeting this week.  Please find our Key Aspects for the year attached.


These are the topics were are covering this year:

Terms 1 and 2  Invaders and Settlers: Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

Terms 3 and 4 Ancient Mayan civilisation

Terms 5 and 6 - Mountains, Earthquakes and Volcanoes


Further information about the National Curriculum can be found by clicking here.  Please ask Mrs Bryant directly if you require further information about what is covered in this class.

Class 5 eBooks.

Take a look at what Class 5 got up to in the summer term...


For their expeditionary learning project, Class 5 created e-books to recount a mountain climb in the style of an autobiography. The autobiography entries demonstrate all the details they researched for their mountain as well as being able to describe dramatic events during a mountain climb.

The ebooks are available to download as pdf files and some can be watched as videos below.

Well done Class 5! They are fab ebooks and I am really proud of you all. :)

Daniel and Brooke

Still image for this video

Crook Peak Walk | 15th June 2016


The children in Class 5 bravely ascended Crook Peak to learn about the contrasting environments and experience a strenuous walk. Reports by the children to follow..

Visit from Adam Royle


On Thursday 14th January we were lucky enough to have been joined by Adam Royle who works for Airbus and has the very important job of being in charge of two satellites which orbit the Earth. He told us about his job, about the job of satellites and the force of gravity. We go to hold actual pieces of spaceship walls! After his fascinating talk, the children had plenty of questions!



Rattlebox Theatre Visit


We were delighted to be visited by Dave Oliver from the Rattlebox Theatre Company on Tuesday 3rd November 2015.

The morning started with a Viking storytelling session, where we heard the myth of Mighty Thor and the Magic Hammer, amongst others. Dave Oliver's energetic storytelling inspired us to write our own Viking myths.

After break we learnt about Viking weapons and practised our own Viking attack formation. 

Crook Peak Walk


Well done Year 5 for climbing up Crook Peak! The summit is 191 metres above sea level and we have beautiful panoramic views all around.


Class 5 Cake Sale


Classes 5 and 6 ran a cake sale competition to help fundraise for a new outdoor classroom this Friday. The children made price lists and posters and even organised a seating area for their customers! Thank you to the parents and carers who brought in the cakes. We nearly sold them all!



Mock General Election | 7th May 2015


During the week of the UK General Election, Class 5 worked together to form their own political parties, write their manifesto and perform their election broadcasts to the class. The parties chose issues ranging from education, environment and health care. The election speeches were very convincing and the Vision party were elected following a class vote.


Keeping Healthy, Keeping Safe Week | 7th February - 13th February 2015


This week the school has been celebrating Keeping Healthy, Keeping Safe Week through different workshops and topics in class. Class 5 have learnt about internet safety as part of Safer Internet Day and had a visit from a PCSO to understand cyberbullying. The Life Education Bus session helped the children recognise assertive behaviours when they feel they are under peer pressure.


Here are some photos of the Chinese Dancing, the Hula Hooping workshops and our visit from the PCSO during Keeping Healthy, Keeping Safe Week.

Explorer Dome 8th November 2016

Rattlebox Theatre returns - 2nd November 2016

Residential Visit to Viney Hill September 2017

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