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Please find below useful information and guidance regarding COVID-19.

We have included some frequently asked questions, which we will add to and update regularly.

Below these questions is a flow chart and another diagram which you may find useful in deciding whether to send your child to school or what to do if your child, or a member of your family, has symptoms.

Frequently asked questions (updated 17.9.20):

What happens to any child who is the sibling of a child who develops COVID symptoms during the school day?

If the children are in the same school, then both children should go home; only the child with symptoms should be tested.


What happens if a teacher, provider or TA has a confirmed case of COVID?

They will need to self-isolate and all the bubbles that they have worked in will also need to isolate. External providers MUST notify the school if one of their members of staff becomes a COVID confirmed case. It will be important that this is made explicit in any service level agreement that is set up.


What happens if a pupil has a confirmed case of COVID?

The pupil self-isolates and the bubble or bubbles (in the case of transport and/or wraparound care only) they have been in will also need to self-isolate, including any teaching/non-teaching staff that have been exposed within the bubble.


Can pupils attend more than one childcare setting?

The government guidance is that pupils can attend more than 1 childcare setting.


Can staff have multiple jobs in different organisations?

There is not any government guidance to suggest that they cannot do this.


A member of my household has coronavirus symptoms and has booked a test, should all the household members be tested too?

Only people with symptoms should get tested and self-isolate. If you get tested too soon you could end up with a false negative test result.

However, everyone else in the household even if they are well should also self-isolate and not end this for 14 days. This is because anyone who has had close contact with the person with symptoms (such as those living in the same household or extended household) may pick up the virus but not show any symptoms for up to 14 days, this is known as the incubation period. These people should isolate for 14 days so that they are sure they are not going to get ill and pass the illness on to others outside the household. This 14-day period starts from the day the first person in the household became ill. People in the household who remain well after 14 days are unlikely to be infectious.


My children don’t have any symptoms but have been asked to self-isolate. When can they go back to school?

Anyone self-isolating but without symptoms can return to their normal routine after 14 days. If the case they had contact with is tested negative, they will no longer need to self-isolate. However, if they or anyone else in the household becomes unwell during the 14-day self-isolation period, they should arrange to have a test to see if they have COVID-19 . If their test result is positive, they must follow the same advice for people with coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms – that is, after 7 days of their symptoms starting, if they feel better and no longer have symptoms other than cough or loss of sense of smell/taste – they can also return to their normal routine. However, if their test result is negative, they must continue with isolation as part of the household for the full 14 days.



Returning to school on 1st September

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Returning to school on 1st June.

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The school will look a little different when children return. Please take time to share this short video with your child to help prepare him / her for some of the changes.

A message from the staff :-)

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This page is no longer being updated with information from the government.  To see the most up to date government advice please go to


For information on our procedures during the COVID-19 situation please go to our safeguarding page, Class Dojo or contact the school office on 01934 426901 or

Update 30.3.20 1pm

There is a huge amount of information coming from the Government each day, and often before we have had time to update this page the guidance has already changed.  Therefore we suggest you go directly to for the most up to date guidance.

We have received guidance on safeguarding in schools (see below) and this document is accurate at the date and time above.

Update 22.3.20 6.30pm

Over the weekend the government have updated their advice about which children should attend school.  Basically, they are saying that if you can keep your children at home, regardless of whether or not the adult who is there is working from home, then you must keep them home.


Below is a tweet from Gavin Williamson, Education Secretary.  

There is also a useful flowchart for you to follow if you are not sure whether your child should go to school or not.

Finally, there is a link to the most recent guidance published for parents.  This was published on Friday, so might soon have an updated version but section 5 clearly outlines the request for children who can stay at home to stay at home.

Update 2.30pm 20.3.20


We have just sent out an email with two attachments.  One explains the current situation regarding school closure and the other is an application form for those people who think they are entitled to a school place from Monday. 

These documents are also available below.  Please read the documents carefully and if you need to request a place please return the form by the end of school today.

Also now attached is a letter explaining the provision for those children eligible for free school meals.

Update 8pm 18.3.20:
We are sure you will have seen the announcement that schools are to shut as of Friday 20th March to all but children of key workers and those identified as vulnerable. This has obviously created many questions for parents and staff, not least who is classed as a key worker and how the school will manage the partial closure.

Please bear with us whilst we make these arrangements and communicate them with you. We will update you further as soon as we have clarification.

Thank you for working with us so far this week during these unprecedented times!

We appreciate you may be worried about Coronavirus.  As a school, we are following Government advice and have all relevant procedures in place.  Please ensure you are registered on Class Dojo and the school has up to date phone numbers and email address for you.  We are currently preparing resources in case of school closures.


Due to the fast moving nature of Covid-19 we will not be issuing updates on this page.  Please go to for the most up to date guidance.


Please note if you have ANY concerns about your health, please contact 111.


If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to speak to Ms Walker or Mrs Clark.


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