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COVID Risk Assessment & Contingency Plan Sept 2021

Please use this form if you need to contact the school regarding Coronavirus.

Filling in this form will send an email directly to school staff. Please only use this form if you have an urgent query outside of school hours, need to alert the school to a positive case of COVID, either in a child or a contact of a child, or you need to report a test result (positive or negative) which the school is aware you are waiting for. If your query is not urgent, please send Mrs Clark or your class teacher a message on class dojo or email the office on Many thanks.

Letter from the head teacher - returning to school from 8th March

Rapid lateral flow testing

Government guidance for parents and carers regarding full school re-opening on 8.3.21

Remote Education Plan (including Blended Learning Offer) January 2021

Blended Learning at St Georges


During this unusual time it is even more important that we maintain a strong connection with our pupils and parents/carers who may find themselves learning/supporting their child’s learning remotely for a period of time, so we have put in place a Blended Learning Provision Plan in order that your child’s learning can continue whilst they are at home.


Blended Learning is a combination of offline and online learning where pupils interact with their teacher, the lesson materials, and other pupils through both a physical classroom and an online platform. This is understood as a type of fusion between traditional education and modern methodology that uses technology.


As a school our online learning platform is Microsoft Teams which all pupils and parents/carers have access to as long as they have some form of internet access whether that be a phone, tablet, ipad, laptop etc.  Our Nursery families will use Tapestry instead, and Reception families will have work provided on Teams, but the option to share on Tapestry.  All families in the main school can also access Class Dojo for private messages between parents/carers and staff.


Any family who does not have access to online learning should let us know in order that we can provide remote learning in other ways if their child is unable to attend school.


Remote Learning will be provided for individual pupils isolating due to Covid-19, as well as whole class bubbles should the need arise.


We will not be providing 'live' lessons for several reasons but mainly because we want our families to be able to access the learning in a way that suits them best and we don't want to add extra pressure at an already difficult time or when several family members (both adults and children) are trying to share one device.


We are aware that many families or children might feel isolated during this time so we do encourage the children to communicate with each other via Teams.  These conversations are monitored during school hours, but parents and carers are ultimately responsible for their child's online conversations and should ensure their child only makes positive and relevant posts.  Any child repeatedly using Teams in an unacceptable way may have their permissions revoked and be unable to access the online learning.


Please see below for how our blended learning provision looks.  


COVID Risk Assessment Updated March 2021


Good morning everyone,

Thank you very much for your understanding and patience overnight.
Please see below a parent/carer questionnaire asking if you require a key worker or vulnerable child place for your child.
Please do consider carefully if there is anyone at home available to look after your child. Minimising the number of children in school will help to keep the local community safe and reduce the spread of the virus. Children who are in school will not be 'taught' by their class teacher in the traditional way but will be expected to complete the same online learning and tasks as those children at home.
We need every family to complete the form as soon as possible so we can start to make plans and then let you know these plans as soon as possible. Please do complete the form, even if your child is not a key worker or vulnerable child.
This form will also be emailed to parents and shared on Class Dojo but you only need to complete it once per family.
There is a space at the bottom of the form if you have any additional questions or comments.

Many thanks,
Mrs Clark

4.1.21 9pm


Good evening all,


As you may well be aware, the Government have asked for all schools to move to online learning with immediate effect.  This means that the school will, for the foreseeable future, only be open for key worker and vulnerable children.


Tomorrow we will be sending out a questionnaire asking if your children fall into either of these categories.  It is essential that we receive a response from every family, as quickly as possible, so we can put plans in place to accommodate these children in school.


In the meantime, we ask that you only send your child/children to school tomorrow if you are a key worker and you have no other option for childcare.  Please do consider carefully if there is someone at home who can look after them tomorrow.  We would also ask for parents/carers of vulnerable children to also keep the children at home tomorrow, if at all possible.  This will enable us to organise staffing and key worker / vulnerable bubbles quickly and ensure we can support children both learning at home and in school safely on Wednesday.

As usual, work will be provided for all children on Teams or Tapestry (for EYFS) from tomorrow and staff will be available to support and answer queries online.


In summary:

We will be open for key worker and vulnerable children from Wednesday and will send an online questionnaire out tomorrow to ascertain who requires places in school and on which days.

If at all possible, please keep your keyworker and vulnerable children at home tomorrow.  If however, you have no option but to bring them to school please arrive at your normal gate at the normal time.  If your key worker child normally has PE on a Tuesday please send them in PE kit.

There will be breakfast club available tomorrow for key worker children only.

All children at home will be able to access home learning via Teams and staff will be on hand to support with technical issues and queries about the lessons.

All parents must fill out the online questionnaire as soon as possible tomorrow.


Many thanks for your patience and support with this.


Stay safe,

Mrs Clark

Contact tracing during the Christmas holidays


In line with Public Health England guidance, schools need to have a point of contact over the school holidays so that they can conduct Track & Trace for the school cohort and staff during this period in the event of a positive COVID19 test result. Ms Walker will be that contact for St Georges.


Where a child or staff member has tested positive for COVID but has not been in school in the time period 2 days before the onset of symptoms to 10 days after, there is no requirement for any contact tracing to be carried out with the school. This is because the infectious period before symptoms is stated as 48 hours prior to the start of symptoms.

However, we ask that if your child has a positive test result for COVID during the school closure period, whether that is within the 48-hour window or not, that you follow the instructions below to inform us, so that we can ensure that all necessary precautions are taken for the return to school in January 2021.


If your child has a positive COVID test result, please complete the contact form below. This will send an email directly to Ms Walker. She will need to know the date of onset of symptoms in your child and /or the date the test was taken and the date of the positive result.


Thank you so much for continuing to support us in keeping our school community safe.

Please use this form if you wish to contact Mrs Clark directly.

Please note that Mrs Clark does not work on a Friday and also has a teaching commitment during the week. Therefore if your enquiry is urgent please ring the school office on 01934 426901.

If your child needs to self-isolate please let the school office know as soon as possible.


Work for children at home is set daily via Microsoft Teams.  Please send a Class Dojo message to Mrs Clark or your child's class teacher if you are having issues accessing this or have any other questions.

Useful Information:

Please find below useful information and guidance regarding COVID-19.

We have included some frequently asked questions, which we will add to and update regularly.

Below these questions is a flow chart and another diagram which you may find useful in deciding whether to send your child to school or what to do if your child, or a member of your family, has symptoms.

Frequently asked questions (updated 17.9.20):

What happens to any child who is the sibling of a child who develops COVID symptoms during the school day?

If the children are in the same school, then both children should go home; only the child with symptoms should be tested.


What happens if a teacher, provider or TA has a confirmed case of COVID?

They will need to self-isolate and all the bubbles that they have worked in will also need to isolate. External providers MUST notify the school if one of their members of staff becomes a COVID confirmed case. It will be important that this is made explicit in any service level agreement that is set up.


What happens if a pupil has a confirmed case of COVID?

The pupil self-isolates and the bubble or bubbles (in the case of transport and/or wraparound care only) they have been in will also need to self-isolate, including any teaching/non-teaching staff that have been exposed within the bubble.


Can pupils attend more than one childcare setting?

The government guidance is that pupils can attend more than 1 childcare setting.


Can staff have multiple jobs in different organisations?

There is not any government guidance to suggest that they cannot do this.


A member of my household has coronavirus symptoms and has booked a test, should all the household members be tested too?

Only people with symptoms should get tested and self-isolate. If you get tested too soon you could end up with a false negative test result.

However, everyone else in the household even if they are well should also self-isolate and not end this for 14 days. This is because anyone who has had close contact with the person with symptoms (such as those living in the same household or extended household) may pick up the virus but not show any symptoms for up to 14 days, this is known as the incubation period. These people should isolate for 14 days so that they are sure they are not going to get ill and pass the illness on to others outside the household. This 14-day period starts from the day the first person in the household became ill. People in the household who remain well after 14 days are unlikely to be infectious.


My children don’t have any symptoms but have been asked to self-isolate. When can they go back to school?

Anyone self-isolating but without symptoms can return to their normal routine after 14 days. If the case they had contact with is tested negative, they will no longer need to self-isolate. However, if they or anyone else in the household becomes unwell during the 14-day self-isolation period, they should arrange to have a test to see if they have COVID-19 . If their test result is positive, they must follow the same advice for people with coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms – that is, after 7 days of their symptoms starting, if they feel better and no longer have symptoms other than cough or loss of sense of smell/taste – they can also return to their normal routine. However, if their test result is negative, they must continue with isolation as part of the household for the full 14 days.



Returning to school on 1st September

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Returning to school on 1st June.

Still image for this video
The school will look a little different when children return. Please take time to share this short video with your child to help prepare him / her for some of the changes.

A message from the staff :-)

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This page is no longer being updated with information from the government.  To see the most up to date government advice please go to


For information on our procedures during the COVID-19 situation please go to our safeguarding page, Class Dojo or contact the school office on 01934 426901 or

Update 30.3.20 1pm

There is a huge amount of information coming from the Government each day, and often before we have had time to update this page the guidance has already changed.  Therefore we suggest you go directly to for the most up to date guidance.

We have received guidance on safeguarding in schools (see below) and this document is accurate at the date and time above.

Update 22.3.20 6.30pm

Over the weekend the government have updated their advice about which children should attend school.  Basically, they are saying that if you can keep your children at home, regardless of whether or not the adult who is there is working from home, then you must keep them home.


Below is a tweet from Gavin Williamson, Education Secretary.  

There is also a useful flowchart for you to follow if you are not sure whether your child should go to school or not.

Finally, there is a link to the most recent guidance published for parents.  This was published on Friday, so might soon have an updated version but section 5 clearly outlines the request for children who can stay at home to stay at home.

Update 2.30pm 20.3.20


We have just sent out an email with two attachments.  One explains the current situation regarding school closure and the other is an application form for those people who think they are entitled to a school place from Monday. 

These documents are also available below.  Please read the documents carefully and if you need to request a place please return the form by the end of school today.

Also now attached is a letter explaining the provision for those children eligible for free school meals.

Update 8pm 18.3.20:
We are sure you will have seen the announcement that schools are to shut as of Friday 20th March to all but children of key workers and those identified as vulnerable. This has obviously created many questions for parents and staff, not least who is classed as a key worker and how the school will manage the partial closure.

Please bear with us whilst we make these arrangements and communicate them with you. We will update you further as soon as we have clarification.

Thank you for working with us so far this week during these unprecedented times!

We appreciate you may be worried about Coronavirus.  As a school, we are following Government advice and have all relevant procedures in place.  Please ensure you are registered on Class Dojo and the school has up to date phone numbers and email address for you.  We are currently preparing resources in case of school closures.


Due to the fast moving nature of Covid-19 we will not be issuing updates on this page.  Please go to for the most up to date guidance.


Please note if you have ANY concerns about your health, please contact 111.


If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to speak to Ms Walker or Mrs Clark.


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