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What to do if it snows!

Adverse Weather Conditions – Winter 2015-2016


The school will strive to remain open throughout the winter as it recognises the importance of enabling parents and carers to get to their own place of work if at all possible.


However, occasionally because of weather conditions, roads to the school are closed stopping staff members getting to the school.


The school’s internal severe weather plan has a line of command which quickly enables senior staff members to gauge the feasibility of keeping the school open.  The decision is based on the number of staff members who can safely get to the school, as well as the site being safe to children and parents accessing the school.

We would ask you NOT to try and phone into school directly as this prevents staff from ringing in to inform us of their own situation, thus delaying our own decision making.


Should the school need to close a notice will be posted on the local authority website


The authority will also ensure a notification is given to BBC local radio who will give out announcements on a regular basis.


We will endeavour to update our own school website but this is often difficult due to heavy site traffic.


Thank you for your cooperation.


S. Medley 


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