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We provide full day child care for 2 - 4 year olds 7.30 a.m. - 5.30 p.m. Monday - Friday during term time. We offer 15 or 30 funded hours depending on eligibility with the option to top-up sessions at £4.95 an hour. Children can start with us the term after they turn 2 years old. 


Mrs Karen Mogg is the Nursery Manager, Inclusion Coordinator (INCCO) and Nursery Safeguarding Lead, Miss Lisa Bavin is the Deputy Manager and Nursery Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Miss Amelia Downward, Miss Lindsey Allen, Mrs Leanne White, Mrs Jane Batchelor and Miss Joanne MacDonald  are Nursery's fantastic Early Years Level 3 Practitioners. 


Our highly qualified and experienced team is led by the Nursery Manager who is a Level 6 Early Years Graduate and who is closely supported by a passionate and professional team of skilled team of Early Year Practitioners.


Every member of our Nursery team are Level 3 Early Years qualified or above and  have completed Safeguarding training. Team members are also Makaton and Behaviour Therapy trained, Paediatric First Aid trained, Team Teach and Food Hygiene certificated. 


* Extended Provision Open 7.30 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.*


Nursery offers an extended provision which includes a Early Years Breakfast Club and After School Club for 2-5 year olds from 7.30 a.m. -5.30 p.m. every day!


Our Early Years After School provision takes place in Nursery outstanding purpose-built indoor and outdoor facilities and is run by Nursery team members. With the children’s personal, social and emotional well-being of paramount importance to us at all times, by running our extended provision in Nursery, with Nursery staff members ensures consistency. The children are familiar with their safe, stimulating environment and are also cared for by adults that they know well and whom they have secure attachments with. 


To find out more about our Nursery, please click on the link below or continue to scroll down to see what we have been up to in our weekly updated Learning Journey. We also have a Facebook page which is regularly updated with Nursery news and events so please join our community by liking our page:


If you are interested in booking a space for your child, please contact Karen Mogg, the Nursery Manager by telephone 01934 426901, email or message via our Facebook page. 


We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you and your child into our Nursery family.


Our Learning Journey 2021-22

Learning about the Easter Story


This week in Nursery, we have been busy learning about the Easter story and taking part in lots of special events to explore and understand the meaning of Easter. Working collaboratively, we created a large representation of Jesus's cross, baked and tasted delicious hot cross buns, retold and acted out main events from the Easter story, learnt that eggs represent new life and enjoyed making our own individual representations.

We also went on a welly walk around the wider school grounds to spot signs of new life and we finished off our week by taking part in an Easter egg hunt which was great fun!

From everyone at St. Georges Church School Nursery, we wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Easter. We look forward to welcoming you back on Monday 25th April.

Baking Muffins


On the Nursery menu today were delicious cheese and ham muffins, cooked independently by the children and then enjoyed as part of our snack.

Our easy to make recipe, which only needs six staple ingredients, has been shared on Tapestry for you all to enjoy making and tasting at home too. Have fun!

Wiggly Worms!


Whilst visiting Forest School, the children were fascinated to discover lots of wiggly worms underneath the logs. They handled the worms carefully, made great observations about the worm's features and described in detail how the worms felt when being touched or held.

"He's tickly"

"He wiggles, he is all wiggly"

Wormy is very long and slippery"

"I found Superworm. He's super long and super strong"

Back at Nursery the children continued their worm interest by coming up with idea of manipulating the playdough to create simple representations of Superworm and his minibeast friends. Their learning was extended further by making comparisons, counting, measuring the worms, taking part in discussions about their size and length and then being challenged to move like a wiggly worm. We also enjoyed watching the Superworm animation, reading the storybook together and talking about our favourite events from the story. Hip, hip, hooray for Superworm!



Children's Mental Health Week


At Nursery, supporting our mental health and well-being is embedded within our everyday practice. As part of Children's Mental Health Week, we have been talking about ways we can make ourselves feel better and considering how we have grown and how we can help others. Just some activities we have been doing have included yoga, mindfulness breathing, aromatherapy, lavender play dough, going for a walk, getting outside and reading a story. 

Our focus story for this week has been The Colour Monster, which supports the children to recognise and talk about their different feelings and emotions. 

At Nursery we have a quiet area where children can go when they’re feeling sad, cross or just wanting some time on their own. This area is a cosy corner, with a mirror, mark making wall and sensory bottles to support self regulation. This week, we have added some more sensory bottles that match the colour monsters feelings as well as photos of the children expressing different emotions.


Chinese New Year 2022


We have been celebrating Chinese New Year and learning that 2022 is the year of the Tiger, which represents courage, strength and bravery.

After finding out about some of the traditional Chinese New Year customs, we have been inspired to create our own Chinese dragon, perform a dragon dance, prepare, cook and taste a vegetable rice dish, design Chinese lanterns, explore Chinese symbols and writing and make marks with chopsticks. ๆ–ฐๅนดๅฟซไน – Happy Chinese New Year๐Ÿงง

Cold and Frosty Outdoor Explorations


The recent cold and frosty mornings have been providing some wonderful spontaneous mark-making opportunities across our outdoor Nursery environments.

Using different objects and tools, the children have been learning how their movements affect the marks they make, using their senses to explore the frozen surfaces and developing their motor skills, dexterity, determination, imagination and creativity. In the moment learning at the very best #inthemoment

Investigating the effects of Storm Barra


After listening to the wind, hearing the hail stones on our Nursery roof and watching the rain fall heavily onto our playground and garden area, we talked about how the weather was a storm called Storm Barra.

Once the hail stones had cleared, we put on our waterproofs and wellington boots and explored the effects of the storm. The children enjoyed investigating the water that had collected across our playground and in our garden area by making marks, sliding, jumping and splashing in the muddy puddles. Child-led learning at it's very best! #StormBarra

Remembrance Day 2021


Nursery have marked Remembrance Day by watching a short animation quietly at the eleventh hour. We have been talking about our armed forces, why people wear poppies and creating our own representations of a poppy. Through collaborative working, the children also created their own poppy field. We will remember them.

Exploring Spider Frost


After wrapping ourselves up warm and putting on our wellies, we went outside for a welly walk to explore what we first thought was frost over our field this morning. On closer inspection, we discovered it was actually spider frost. The children enjoyed making marks with their fingers and feet as well as talking about what they could feel and see.

"Ahh it's so cold"

"It's like frozen hair"

"I picked it up but it's gone"

Returning to Nursery, we did some research and found out that spider frost, which is also known as angel hair, is created by money spiders in an attempt to avoid drowning during heavy rain or flooding. The spiders project their silk onto taller objects so they can lift themselves to higher ground just like Spider Man uses his web to climb to the top of tall buildings. What amazing learning we have been doing at Nursery today!



Autumnal Partnerships


We have been working in partnership with our parent/carers and families to learn about Autumn. They have been joining in with our learning and have extended their child's interests by taking them to explore local outdoor areas, parks and the nearby woods to collect Autumn treasures.

The children have been brining back their Autumn treasures bags and proudly sharing their experiences and collections with everyone in Nursery. 

Thank you to our amazing parent/carers and families for your continued enthusiasm and support with the children's learning, current interests and fascinations. 

Children's Cutting Interest


We have extended the children's cutting interest by introducing real woodworking tools into the Nursery provision. This experience has supported the children to take risks and make their own judgements, work with natural materials, develop their strength, co-ordination, critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well as achieve high-levels of sustained engagement and enjoyment. 

Butternut Squash


One of our children very kindly brought in a butternut squash that they had grown in their family allotment. Along with our selection of seasonal vegetables, the children enjoyed investigating weight by using the digital and mechanical scales and talking about what they felt and looked like. Our exploration led us to think about what may be inside so, using the safety knives, the children cut the butternut squash and pumpkins open to discover lots of pulp and seeds.


We found out that a butternut squash in grown on a vine and that it is a type of pumpkin. This led us to compare the inside of a butternut squash and pumpkin and we talked about the similarities and differences that we could see. 


The children came up with idea of making a soup, so, everyone worked together to cut the vegetables into smaller pieces and then we took it in turns to operate the blender to make a smooth consistency. We then enjoyed trying our soup with some tasty bread.


Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables


Different seasonal fruit and vegetables were added into our provision and this led the children on a learning journey of discovery. They explored weight and measurement, found out how and where the fruit and vegetables are grown, researched famous still life artists and their paintings, created their own observational drawings using the medium of oil pastels before developing their cooking skills by chopping, blending and cooking the vegetables to make a delicious autumnal soup

Our Bookstart Story-telling Session


Thank you to North Somerset Libraries and Bookstart for hosting an interactive story-telling session in our new Forest School area. The children enjoyed learning new actions and signs and joining in with the repeated refrains with 'A busy Day for Birds' and a mimed version of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' being voiced as the children's favourites.


Bookstart also very kindly brought in some activity sheets, linked to the stories that we read, which your child will be bringing home to share with you. Further information about BookTrust, their resources and top tips for reading with your child can be found on their website:


We look forward to welcoming Bookstart back into Nursery again soon and continuing our partnership to inspire our children on their reading journey.

Blackberry picking and making Blackberry Crumble


After noticing some ripe blackberries when we walked up the Nursery path, we decided to go on an adventure to see if we could find some more in the school field.

Together, we talked about which berries we can pick and eat and how blackberries were only ready to pick when they were black in colour. The children demonstrated great curiosity and self-confidence and had soon picked several pots full of juicy blackberries.


Once back in Nursery, the children helped to wash and dry the blackberries before we worked together to make our crumble mixture. Everyone helped to measure out the ingredients and mix the butter, sugar and flour together, before sprinkling over our blackberries. After waiting patiently for our crumble to cook and cool, we all enjoyed sitting down together to try our Nursery-made blackberry crumble as part of our snack. 


All of the children enjoyed being involved in the process of harvesting, preparing, cooking and tasting the blackberries and they showed super engagement. Well done everyone.

Welcoming our new and returning children into Nursery


It has been wonderful to welcome back the children staying with us for another year and begin to get to know our new starters and their families who have joined our Nursery family this academic year.

Everyone has been enjoying exploring our nurturing environments and the enhancements which have been added in response to the children's current interests and needs.

The children's favourite activity this week, which was all child-led, was exploring the different marks that can be made using tyres and different materials such as sand, mud, water and paint. Along with the benefit of investigating and exploring marks and colour-mixing outdoors in the rain, the children have been developing their confidence, coordination, independence, physical skills and team work. 

Our Learning Journey 2020 - 21

NHS Big Tea 2021 Event

To celebrate 72 years of our remarkable NHS, Nursery hosted their own Big Tea 2021 event and we have enjoyed raising awareness and showing our support for the people who go above and beyond to care for us. We have been finding out about the roles of doctors, health care workers, nurses and ambulance crew and talking about what they do.
The children came up with the idea of thanking the doctors and nurses and worked together to create a beautiful thank you card, which was delivered to our local doctors surgery.

Afterwards, the children made biscuits for our afternoon tea and we all sat down and enjoyed a cup of tea and biscuit for our snack in aid of our NHS.

To join us in showing your support and appreciation for the NHS, you can donate to the NHS Big Tea event by clicking on the link below:

Harvesting our potatoes


Excitedly in Nursery, it has been time to harvest our own-grown potatoes this week. Once the potatoes were uncovered and picked by the children, we practised our counting skills and were amazed to discover that we had grown 118 potatoes in total!

After selecting and chopping some chives from our herb garden, it was added to our cooked, buttered potatoes and enjoyed as part of our Nursery snack. 
Everyone enjoyed being involved in the whole process of growing our own potatoes and our roasted potato recipe has now been added to Tapestry, so that you can enjoy at home too. 

Making a Bug House


Whilst out in our Nursery garden, we have been discovering a variety of mini-beasts. The children showed great care and concern for the living creatures and handled them carefully.

Concerns were expressed that the creatures may get squashed on the ground, so the children came up with the idea of making a bug house. They all worked together and by using different material found around our garden, they made a very comfortable retreat for the bugs. 
After we researched what each of the creatures liked to eat, everyone searched high and low around the garden and found them plenty of food to enjoy. Another day exploring and investigating our great outdoors.



Today as it is the first day of the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament 2021, we have been enjoying watching the centre court match on our screen. The children were fascinated to watch the men’s singles and learn the rules of how to play tennis and how tennis is scored.

Each time one of the players scored a point, the children clapped along with the audience and showed their appreciation for the rally.

We continued the children’s interest by creating a tennis net and using the tennis rackets and balls from our provision to practise our ball skills and develop our understanding of the game.

Discovering Caterpillars

Whilst in the Nursery garden, we found several yellow and black caterpillars climbing up a plant. Together, we researched what type of caterpillars they were, which plants they like to eat and were surprised to discover that they will complete their metamorphosis into a moth and not a butterfly.

The children enjoyed using the magnifying glasses to observe the caterpillars different features close-up, being careful not to harm the living creatures, before we returned them safely to our plant area outside.

The children’s fascinations were continued by reading and re-telling events from ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ storybook. 
We will continue to keep an eye out for any emerging Cannibar moths in our Nursery garden.

Still image for this video

Child-initiated Learning: Making Paper Aeroplanes 


After a child asked if they could make a paper aeroplane, we enjoyed researching, making, designing and flying our own individual aeroplanes. 

We then challenged ourselves to see whose plane could fly the furthest and whose plane could land the closest to our target. 

Throughout the child-initiated learning, we took turns, developed our hand-eye coordination and investigated measurement and accuracy. Super learning everyone ๐Ÿ˜Š

Celebrating St. George’s Day at St. Georges Church School Nursery! ๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ฅ๓ ฎ๓ ง๓ ฟ

On Friday 23rd April, we have been learning about the story of Saint George which included a special visit from St. George who saved us from the dragon before marching us over to explore St. George’s fort. 

We have also enjoyed sharing a St. George fruit feast, made St. George’s crosses, explored mark-making with paint rollers and brushes, worked together collaboratively to create our own St. George’s dragon and enjoyed a picnic lunch on the field. Happy St. Georges Day! ๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ฅ๓ ฎ๓ ง๓ ฟ

Term 3



Independently preparing a healthy breakfast


No better way to start a Nursery day........boiled eggs, bread soldiers and banana smoothies, independently prepared by the children.

By following the children’s interest in preparing and cooking food, we have been talking about the importance of starting the day with a simple, healthy breakfast, filled with essential nutrients so that our bodies are energerised and ready for the day ahead.

RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch


In preparation for our involvement in th RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch, the children in Nursery have been making bird feeders to entice more birds into our Nursery garden and wider outdoor environments. 

By using a threading technique, the children have been developing their concentration, visual perception, hand-eye and bileratal coordination, as well as their cognitive skills with everyone demonstrating a real sense of achievement on completion.

Along with adding our bird feeders to the trees and hedges in our Nursery garden and surrounding school grounds, the children have been enjoying taking their bird feeders home to hang in their gardens or around the local community.

Super photos are continuing to be shared on Tapestry of our bird feeders being placed and enjoyed by the birds around our local community and we cannot wait to extend our learning; further during the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch.


Inauguration Day 2021


For Inauguration Day, Nursery made their own take on what is called an American institution; the Apple Pie.

The children showed great focus and determination as they worked together to complete the whole process themselves, with super concentration and control being demonstrated as they used the different tools independently.

After looking at the American Flag, everyone chose to top their pie with either a star or stripes. Once cooked and cooled, we enjoyed them with our milk and fruit at snack time.

The recipe for our deliciously tasting Apple Pies will be shared on Tapestry for everyone to enjoy at home too. Happy Inauguration Day 2021.



Celebrating A.A. Milne's birthday


To celebrate the author A.A. Milne's birthday, Winnie the Pooh joined us in Nursery. In honour of our very special guest, we hosted a birthday tea party where we enjoyed bear-shaped bread dipped in honey for our snack, we listened to A.A. Milne's famous stories about the adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin, made party hats, drew maps of the Hundred Ache Wood and created our very own representations of Winnie the Pooh. 

Term 2

Father Christmas and Rudolph’s Surprise Visit to Nursery!


After our party lunch, the children and staff were very excited to receive a surprise visit from Rudolph and Father Christmas on his sleigh. Everyone enjoyed watching them drive around the playground before they dropped off our presents. We even spotted our cheeky Eddie the Elf on the front of the sleigh.


A video of Father Christmas and Rudolph’s visit, along with photos of our party day, have been added to your child’s Tapestry account for you to share and enjoy at home.


From all of us at St. Georges Church School Nursery, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and peaceful new year.  Thank you so much for your continued support this year and we very much look forward to working in partnership with you during 2021. Take care and stay safe.

Making mince pies for Father Christmas


The children have been talking about what they put out for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve and a popular choice was mince pies, so we decided to find out how to make some in Nursery ready for Christmas.


After finding a recipe and all the ingredients, the children listened well to the adults instructions and took it in turns to measure out the ingredients, cut the pastry shapes and fill their pies with mincemeat. Once they had cooked and cooled, they all enjoyed trying them at snack time. 


Our easy to make recipe has been added to our Nursery cookbook and uploaded to your child’s Tapestry journal for you to share and enjoy at home. Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‹

Learning about Christingles


This week in Nursery, we have been learning about Christingles and how to make one. Our local church very kindly donated individual bags for every child in St. Georges Church School & Nursery, containing everything they need to make a Christingle at home.

The children have been talking about what each item represents and how they have been making their Christingles at home.

Thank you so much Milton Methodist Church for your Christingle donations.


I’m Stick Man, I’m Stick Man, I’m Stick Man, that’s me!”


Our focus book for this week has been Stick Man by Julia Donaldson. After enjoying the story, we went exploring and hunting for sticks. On our travels we talked about what our stick could be. 


Could our stick be.......


An arm for a snowman?


A game for a dog?


A pooh stick for a race?


A mast for a flag?


On our return, the children were keen to make a Nursery stick family so, everyone got to work making their own member of our stick family and their creations were amazing!



Observational Paintings


With mark-making tools and paint palettes in hand, we have been outdoors investigating our natural environment through observational paintings. 

By slowing down and painting what we really see, rather than what we think something looks like, has provoked questions, helped the children to notice detailed features and deepen their awareness and understanding of what is around them. By engaging in this shared experience, the children have produced some amazing representations of their outdoor environment. Our master piece has been proudly displayed in Nursery for everyone to enjoy.  

Cold, Frosty Welly Walk


After wrapping up in our coats, hats, gloves and high visibility jackets, we went on a very foggy and frosty welly walk to explore the wintery weather. The children were fascinated to see and experience the effects of the fog and frost on their environment with super frosty mark-making and observational comments being made by the children. 

On our return to Nursery, we made hot chocolate topped with marshmallows to warm ourselves back up and we all sat and enjoyed listening to the story of Jack Frost.

Learning in the moment at its best.

World Nursery Rhyme Week


We have been celebrating and extending our enjoyment of nursery rhymes in Nursery this week. Each day we have focused on a different nursery rhyme and have added activities and enhancements into our provision to help support the children’s vocabulary and language development, as well as social, physical and emotional skills.

A keen favourite with the children has been Hickory Dockory Dock. Following their interest, we have been exploring time, developing our number recognition, learning the different Makaton signs for the nursery rhyme and building Grandfather clocks.

To share in our learning at home, nursery rhyme activities have been uploaded to your child’s Tapestry account for you to share and enjoy at home.

Children in Need


The children and staff have been very excited to wear their pyjamas to Nursery for our week long pyjama party! Throughout the week,  we have worked collaboratively to create our own giant Pudsey bear, cooked Pudsey pizzas, had cosy bedtime story sessions and created Pudsey masks, all to help raise awareness and money for vulnerable children across the UK.

Nursery raised an amazing £50.64 for Children in Need so, thank you so much for everyone's support in making this week a great success. 

We will remember them


During our week of Remembrance, we have been talking about our armed forces, why people wear poppies, looking at photographs of poppy fields and creating our own beautiful poppies. Through collaborative working, the children put their individual poppies together to create one large poppy wreath, which is now being proudly displayed in Nursery. 

At eleven o'clock, on the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month, we all came together to watch a short animation about remembrance. Throughout the two minute video, the children sat and watched quietly. 

To share this beautiful animation which sees war as experienced by animals in the WW1 battlefields with your children at home, please clink on the link below:

Early Years After School Club


Since the beginning of term, it has been fantastic to welcome more children from Reception into our Early Years After School Club, This week we have been making Bonfire kebabs as part of our cooking club, and these were a big hit with the children!

The children practised their fine motor skills by using knives to cut the fruit, developed their hand-eye coordination as they threaded the fruit pieces onto the skewers, investigated and talked about changes in material as the chocolate melted and then showed off their artistic talents when decorating their fireworks with sprinkles. 

Throughout the activity, there were lots of discussions about our experiences of bonfire night and how to stay safe around fireworks and bonfires too.

The firework kebabs tasted delicious and as you can imagine, they were enjoyed very quickly by everyone!

Term 1 


Welcome to a new academic year at St. Georges Church School Nursery!

It has been wonderful to welcome back the children staying with us for another year and meet our new starters and their families too. We are so excited at the prospect of sharing in your child’s learning journey with us this year and we look forward to working in close partnership with you all.

Take a look at what we have been enjoying and exploring so far this term……….

Large scale mark-making


Through using different sized open-ended resources, we have been practising our gross motor skills with a difference! The children showed high levels of engagement as they painted the surfaces, negotiated and worked together to carry, manoeuvre  and balance the tyres before taking it in turns to push and roll them across the paper and grass surfaces. They were extremely proud of the colourful, textured marks that they made in the great outdoors.

Stomping Dinosaurs


Continuing the children's current dinosaur interest, everyone was surprised to find dinosaur eggs in Nursery! Super focus, concentration and perseverance was shown by the children as they used different tools and worked together to free the dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs then joined us on a welly walk where we stomped across the field like a T-Rex, made a dinosaur swamp in the mud and explored making different muddy dinosaur marks on paper. 

A sensory dinosaur swamp was added as an enhancement which supported the children's language development, stimulated their senses, encouraged creativity and developed fine motor and problem-solving skills, through meaningful play. 

Rain, rain do not go away, nothing stops us from outdoor play!


Wrapped up in our wet suits and wellies, we have been experiencing the British weather first-hand. The children have been enjoying jumping and running through the big puddles that we found in the playground and after adding primary coloured powder paint, we then explored colour mixing using out feet, hands, brushes, and brooms.

Blackberry Hunt


After noticing blackberries on the hedgerow, we ventured out onto the field to go on a blackberry hunt. We talked about which berries are safe to eat and how to pick them safety, being careful not to get scratched by the prickly bush!

The children carried their collections back to Nursery and we went about exploring the look, texture, and taste of blackberries. The learning experience was extended further by using our juicy blackberries to make different marks on paper, finding out about how blackberries grow and discovering that the blackberry juice can make our hands turn very purple!

Sid the Spider


Discovering a very large spider in the Nursery playhouse led to us building upon the children’s curiosity, interest, and knowledge of spiders this week. The children have showed high engagement as they created their own observational drawings of ‘Sid’ our new spider friend, practised counting to eight, learnt fascinating facts about the different parts of a spider and also found out how to look after our new Nursery resident.

Our Learning Journey 2019 / 20
Term 6 

Learning about the life cycle of butterflies ๐Ÿฆ‹

Still image for this video

One last chrysalis ๐Ÿ›๐Ÿฆ‹

Still image for this video

Noticing detailed features on the butterflies ๐Ÿฆ‹

Still image for this video

Week 6, Term 4


We hope that you are keeping well and staying safe at home. Following on from the home learning resources packs that have been going home with your child this week, we have added additional links to free EYFS resources and activities for your child to enjoy at home if they wish, via their Tapestry account.

If you are having any difficulties accessing Tapestry, please email: and we will endeavour to help. Look after yourselves and continue to keep in touch and share what you have been getting up to on Tapestry.

We hope to see you all again soon. Stay safe and stay home โค๏ธ

Week 5, Term 4


It is great to see so many of the St. Georges residents getting involved in the community I-spy game and brightening up everyone’s day. Although the sun continues to shine, please remember to only go for a walk (on your own or with the people you live with) once a day and to keep your distance from others. Stay safe. We are all in this together โค๏ธ

Week 4, Term 4


‘Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud’


The Nursery children have created and display their beautiful rainbow in a school window today. As you go for a walk around our local community, as part of your one permitted daily form of exercise, see if you can spy our masterpiece as well as many others that are going up in front windows around St. Georges. The challenge is now many rainbows can you find? Good luck ๐ŸŒˆ

Week 3, Term 4


This week as part Science week, in Nursery, we have been participating in different experiments and finding out about physical changes, with one of the children's favourites being the dancing popcorn. After exploring the size, shape and texture of the corn kernels, the children were really excited to see and hear what happened when heat was introduced. Once the kernels had all popped and cooled, we enjoyed tasting the popcorn that we had made.

On Friday, we had a visit from Noah's Ark and met giant African land snails, Madagascan hissing cockroaches, tortoises and a royal python. Everyone was very intrigued to find out about their diets, habitats and what they looked and felt like close up, with some children even being brave to hold them! Afterwards, we watched Mr Tumble and learnt the Makaton signs for some of the different animals and insects.

All week, we have also been getting active for Sports Relief. We have enjoyed trying different sporting activities and raising money for vulnerable children in the U.K. and across the world.

Week 2, Term 4


All week we have been celebrating our love of books by sharing our favourite stories and dressing up as our favourite book characters. On World Book day, we were very lucky to have a very friendly Tiger come for tea who kindly brought yummy cakes and read us a selection of stories. 

With Spring in the air, we have been exploring and making observations about the changes in our outdoor environment as well as planting some carrots, peas, cress and potatoes in our Nursery growing area.

Week 1, Term 4


We have been talking about the meaning of Shrove Tuesday and Lent this week. As part of our learning, the children have been experimenting with different ways of measuring and developing their motor skills as they pour, mix, and flip the ingredients. After cooking their pancakes, everyone chose what toppings to add and then we all enjoyed them together as part of our snack time.


With the stormy weather outside, we decided to go on a yoga safari in the hall on Friday. Along the way, we came across a monkey, lion, snake, elephant, gorilla and crocodile and the children showed a great sense of achievement as they mastered the different yoga poses. We enjoyed stretching, developing our balance and coordination as well as using breathing techniques to help us with our self-regulation.

Week 4, Term 3


At the beginning of this week, everyone watched in fascination as our eggs began to move around in the incubator and cracks started to appear on the shells. When we were really quiet, we were also able to hear the chicks cheeping from inside their eggs!

On Wednesday and Thursday, we were extremely fortunate to watch five chicks emerge from their eggs and we all watch in awe from the first signs of pipping right through to the chicks finally breaking through their egg membranes and shells to making their appearances.

The children have been learning how to take care of the chicks and they worked really well together to create them a safe place to stay for when the chicks were transferred from the incubator.

We are currently in the process of deciding on the chick's names. Once everyone in Nursery has voted for their favourite, the chicks names will be revealed.

Our baby chicks beginning to hatch

Still image for this video

Three of our new baby chicks

Still image for this video

Week 3, Term 3


After reading the new Supertato book, the children have been extending their enjoyment for the story by exploring the different characters this week. Using the different enhancements that have been added into their provision, the children have been designing and making their own Supertato heroes and using their physical strength and developing motor skills, to destroy the evil peas by squashing them into pea soup with the mashers. 


Nursery also turned into a bakery on Friday with the children taking on the different roles of baker, cashier and customer. Using real money and food items, the children explored the value of money, the different textures and smells of the bread, crumpets, tortilla wraps and cakes and talked about their own experiences of visiting the local shops.

Week 2, Term 3


We have had a second visit from our local farm this week. During the candling session, we were all able to see inside the developing eggs when a special light was shone through. We were very excited to find out that six out of our seven eggs have fertilised and now have baby chicks growing inside. So, all going well, the countdown is now on for hatching day ๐Ÿฃ

Week 1, Term 3


What a fantastic first week back we have had! Not only have we welcomed our new children and their families into our setting and started this term’s themed after school activity sessions, Nursery have been extremely lucky to have been chosen to be part of a local farming programme and we have taken delivery of an incubator and seven different coloured eggs. The children have been helping to keep the water dish topped up and regularly check on the eggs and internal temperature. So much learning has been happening about farming, food and life cycles ๐Ÿ˜Š

Week 5, Term 2


It has been getting very Christmassy in Nursery this week with everyone getting involved to help decorate our tree, make decorations and learn about the Christmas story.


At our Early Years After School Art Club, the children have been creating some amazing observational still life paintings in the style of artist Paul Cezanne! Following the introduction of a fruit and vegetable bowl, the children mixed the paint until they got their desired colour and then made detailed representations of the still life objects, using Cezanne’s famous painting as a reference.


With the recent frosty weather, we have been out exploring the cold and frosted ground during our sensory welly walks.  The children have enjoyed making footprints in the frost, dragging their feet through the grass and making marks in the frost, whilst pretending to be dragons by blowing out their steamy breath. There were lots of discussions as we found out what happened to the ice when we held it in our warm hands and watched it melt.

Week 4, Term 2


The children have been busy tending to their vegetable patch, de-weeding the growing areas, digging and practising using the different gardening tools this week. They have also been helping to develop our sensory plant area where pinecones have been introduced and different textured plants, grasses and herbs are now being grown.


There has also been lots of sensory exploration through making and enjoying cucumber and mint iced teas and going on a sensory, aromatic listening walk. Great balance and descriptive language were demonstrated as the children explored natural lavender, rose petals, lemon slices, rocket and rice and honey water with calming music playing in the background. 

Week 3, Term 2


A pop up ice cream shop appeared this week and the children enjoyed using their senses to mould the ice cream, taking on the role of shop keeper and learning about money transactions as well as developing their communication and turn-taking skills. There were some very imaginative ice cream flavours such as smoky coffee and strawberry milkshake created.


As part of World Nursery Rhyme week, we have been singing familiar rhymes and learning new ones including 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive. This led to us talking about looking after our planet and cleaning up our oceans and rivers. 


Extending the children’s interest in different animals, we were also very lucky to have a ferret visit us this week. Everyone learnt about Mimi the ferret and what she likes to eat. We finished the week off by working together and producing a collaborative ferret mosaic, which is now proudly on display in our Nursery. 

Week 2, Term 2


We have had great fun raising money for Children in Need this week. Everyone was invited to wear their pyjamas and take part in some fun activities. During the week, we made beans on bear toast, fruit kebabs and cheese and ham muffins, went on a Pudsey number hunt, had cosy bedtime story sessions, created a whole family of Pudsey bears, enjoyed a teddy bear’s picnic and completed dot-to-dot challenges.

Together, we have talked about why we have been wearing our pyjamas and that all the money raised goes to help disadvantaged and vulnerable children in the UK. Thank you for all your support in helping Nursery to raise £24.37 for Children in Need.


In our After-School Club, the children have been helping to clear our vegetable patches. They showed super perseverance as they tried to pull out some very strong and embedded weeds and did not stop until they had managed to pull them all out! After looking at the different parts of the weed, we talked about what the roots were and why plants needed them to grow. We finished off by, sowing some seeds and then taking it in turns to water the soil to help them to grow.

Week 1, Term 2


On our first week back, we have been learning about Guy Fawkes, why we have bonfire night and how to stay safe around the fire. The children have been making sparklers, creating fireworks, building bonfires out of logs and crepe paper and sitting around the fire drinking hot chocolate and singing songs. 


We have also been having fun on a bug hunt, cooking pizzas and building a wormery during our after school club and exploring different textures using our bare feet. Another fun and busy week in Nursery!

Week 5, Term 1


Continuing the children’s current interest in animals, we have welcomed Daisy the dog, Pretzel the Guinea Pig and Jenson the giant house rabbit into our setting. The children have been fascinated to find out what these animals like to eat and do and enjoyed taking on the responsibility of walking Jenson and Daisy on their leads around our indoor and outdoor environments. Getting up close and caring for these animals has helped the children to develop their empathy skills and understanding of different animals.

Thank you to the animals and their owners for visiting us and helping to support the children’s current animal interest. Come back and see us again soon ๐Ÿ˜Š

Week 4, Term 1


For European Day of Languages this week, we celebrated everything Polish ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฉ 

Everyone helped to make kapuล›niak (polish cabbage soup). The children used scissors and knives to cut the cabbage leaves, tomatoes, bay leaves and mushrooms, added vinegar, seasoning and stock and then took it in turns to give the kapuล›niak a stir. Once cooked, we all sat down together and enjoyed tasting it. We also made polish bunting and flags, listened to a polish story and learnt how to say hello “czesc” in polish. Our polish families generously brought in some polish snacks, which everyone really enjoyed trying too. 

Week 3, Term 1


We were proud to support Jeans for Genes this week with the children and staff wearing their jeans to Nursery for a donation to Genetics UK. As part of our fundraising week, the children have also been busy designing their own pair of jeans and after cutting them out, they hung them on our indoor washing line for everyone to see. Many thanks for helping us to raise money for such an important cause.

The children have been learning about what makes us all unique and after taking selfies, looking in reflective surfaces as well as reading stories they have been noticing and talking about their similarities and differences. Nursery’s selfies have been printed and are now being displayed on our ‘This is Me’ display, so please feel free to come in and take a look!

Using some of our rosemary sprigs from our Nursery garden, we have been making some healthy tortilla crisps and also, with the blackberries that we picked on our recent welly walk, the children have been creating blackberry icing as well as using them to explore mark-making.

It has been another enjoyable week in Nursery ๐Ÿ˜Š


Week 2, Term 1


This week Daisy, a four month old Jack Russell puppy joined us. The children listened well to the adult instructions & stayed calm so that they didn’t scare her. After Daisy’s visit, the children were very keen to talk about their pets and how they looked after them at home.

To celebrate Roald Dahl day, we created our own Chocolate Factory in Nursery. In our ‘inventing room’, ingredients were mixed and different sized chocolates created. The children also enjoyed making Banana, Kale, Spinach and Cacao smoothies as well as cutting out their own golden tickets.

We didn’t let the rain stop us this week either. We have been busy exploring water outside and we went on a rainy welly walk. 

Week 1, Term 1


Wow what a first week back! We have welcomed lots of new children and their families into our Nursery as well as many familiar faces from last year. The children have all settled well and have been making new friends and exploring their new indoor and outdoor environments, especially the Nursery garden and new St. Georges Fort. 

We have also launched our full 7.30 a.m. - 6 p.m. wrap-around provision for our 2-4 year olds so it looks set to be another fantastic year at St.Georges Church School Nursery!

Our Learning Journey 2018 / 19

Week 8 


On Monday, we had great fun participating in our ‘key family’ water fight. All of the children enjoyed developing their target practice by either firing water out of their water pistol or throwing a water balloon at their opposition. We all got soaking wet and everyone had a super time.

On the last day of the academic year, we held our Graduation. Together with our parent /carers and their family members, we watched a celebration of our Nursery year and then staff presented each of our Nursery leavers with an All About Me scroll, a graduation certificate and new story book as a gift from the Nursery team. We are extremely proud of all you have achieved whilst in Nursery and wish you all the best as you continue your learning journey into your Reception classes. Make sure you keep popping back in to see us! 

   From everyone at St. Georges Church School Nursery, we wish you all a fantastic summer holiday. We are all so excited to return in September as we officially welcome three new members of staff to our expanding nursery team, launch our full 7.30 - 6 p.m. wrap around care provision, welcome back the children that are staying with us for another year and get to know our new children and their families. Very exciting times ahead! See you in September ๐Ÿ˜Š

Week 7


This week we can finally unveil our new Nursery garden! This has only been made possible because of our amazingly supportive and genourous parent / carers, children and families believing in our vision and helping us to achieve this outstanding outdoor space. The whole floor has been barked, a growing area fenced off, growing beds made and a new 2 metre long mud kitchen and digging pit introduced. We also have a new bug hotel coming soon!

There are now endless opportunities for the children to explore the natural world, learn about growth and the importance of looking after our environment.

Thank you all so much โค๏ธ

Also this week, after staff members rescued a rabbit that had escaped from his home, he was taken back to Nursery and given a safe place to stay. The children showed great care and concern for Buddy the rabbit by helping to look after him and making him feel at home. Buddy stayed with us the whole day and was reunited with his very happy, relieved and grateful owner. Buddy’s owner said a big thank you for helping to look after him. Well done everyone ๐Ÿ˜Š

Week 6, Term 6


What a busy week! 

Our child-led approach resulted in an impromptu pirate day on Monday where we visited the pirate ship dressed as pirates, made treasure maps, shared pirate stories and looked high and low for the hidden treasure.

On Thursday, as part of our road safety day, we had a truck visit Nursery. The children learnt the importance of walking on the pavements, wearing bright clothing, holding adults’ hands and using pedestrian crossings to keep themselves safe. Everyone took it in turns to explore the cab and pretend to drive the truck.

Following the children’s recent interest in tennis, we learnt how to play the game on grass on Friday. After our tournament, we had yummy strawberries and cream for snack and finished off our day by wactching tennis on the screen. Game, set and match ๐ŸŽพ

Week 5, Term 6


With all this glorious sunny weather, we have been spending lots of time outside in our Nursery garden, which provides a large shaded area during the morning. After being donated a 15-year-old oak tree from a local resident, which they have grown from an acorn, the children have been helping to care for it and welcome it into its new home. 

On Friday we had our annual Sports Day and the children worked as part of their key family teams to complete the various events. Everyone showed great determination and sportsmanship and we finished the event off by having a picnic lunch outside with our parent /carers.

A special well done to Mrs Mogg’s key family team, who once all the points were added up, were crowned this year’s winning team ๐Ÿ˜Š

Week 4, Term 6


We have been continuing our work on inspiring and creating a love of reading this week by welcoming BookTrust in for a special rhyme and story session with our children’s families.

During the special event the children shared their favourite stories, learnt a new rhyme and were surprised by a visit from the Bookstart Bear, who presented each of the school leavers with their treasure pack.

Our second crop of potatoes were ready to be harvested this week and after finding all the potatoes that were hidden in the soil, the children help to share them out into individual bags. These are now going home with the children so they can taste and share our Nursery grown potatoes at home ๐Ÿ˜Š

Week Three, Term Six


Nursery has enjoyed joining in with the school’s space-themed ‘Maths Fest’ this week. The children have been busy exploring space, shapes and measure by building rockets and spaceships, weighing moon rocks, creating alien families and measuring our space walks.

We found out about planetariums, the Apollo 11 moon landing and our solar system. We finished our space mission by doing a count down and blasting off to the moon in our rocket ๐Ÿš€ 

Week Two, Term Six


After successfully planting and caring for their crop of potatoes over the last few weeks, the children noticed that the shoots had flowered and that it was finally time to pick them. They carefully pulled out all of the potatoes from the vegetable patch and after washing them, put them in the saucepan to cook. 

Everyone was really excited to try the potatoes and it was not long before they had all been eaten!

Thank you to everyone that sponsored our fundraising event at the school fayre. We hope you enjoyed covering a Nursery staff member in custard. 

Once all of the sponsor money has been collected, we will begin making improvements to our new Nursery garden with the children. We will keep you up to date with our new additions ๐Ÿ˜Š


Week One, Term Six


With all the stormy weather this week, the children have been fascinated to watch and listen to the rain and hail stones fall outside and on our Nursery roof. With their interest in the weather, we investigated how the hail stones were formed in the atmosphere and looked at the windy weather forecast for the rest of the week, using the iPads.

Also, following on from a child being apprehensive about their up and coming dentist appointment this week, Dr. Rabbit & the Tooth Defenders sent a parcel to Nursery. Inside contained a letter & lots of resources about the role of the dentist and the importance of keeping your teeth clean. Dr. Rabbit has set everyone a challenge of cleaning their teeth twice a day and once their tooth brushing chart are completed, they will receive a special award from the Tooth Defenders. 

On Friday we had our Pyjamarama Day and raised lots of money for BookTrust. Everyone enjoyed wearing their pyjamas to Nursery and throughout the day we had cosy story sessions, designed our own funky pair of pyjamas, visited the hall to watch some bedtime stories and had our teddies joined us for a special story snack time. 

Many thanks for supporting BookTrust to help ensure every child gets a bedtime story. 

Week 4, Term 5


After a child noticed some birds eating seeds in our Nursery garden, they said that we needed to make a scarecrow so that they didn't eat our magic bean. So everyone worked together to make a fantastic scarecrow and he is now guarding our growing plants, fruit and vegetables 

We have also been busy extending our vegetable and fruit patches and this week the children have planted lettuce, carrots and broad beans.

Week 3, Term 5


Following on from the children's interest in the pond, we have been pond-dipping! The children listened carefully to the adults explain how to keep safe near the water and then taking it in turns to visit the pond, everyone had a go at using the nets to capture some pond life. Bringing a selection back to Nursery, we have created our own temporary mini pond. The children have been fascinated to watch the newts, water snails, water spiders and water boatmen close up and find out all about their habitat.

Week 2, Term 5

Planting sweet pea and broad beans plants in our new garden led to the children wanting to read the story Jack and the Beanstalk. After listening to the story, there has been lots of talk about the main characters and what happens in the story. The children have been showing a great understanding of the story through their re-telling and correct re-structuring of the main events. We wait to see if our beans grow into magic beanstalks!

After a duck flew over us and landed in our pond, we went exploring. We walked quietly down to the pond to watch the duck in the water and were fascinated to discover some pond snails, water boatmen and a newt too.

Welcome to Week 1 of Term 5


All the children have settled back in well and they have been helping our new starters to feel welcome. As our new garden fence was put up over the Easter holidays, we have been having lots of fun exploring our new Nursery garden. The children have been investigating what lives under the tree trunks and in the soil as well as helping to look after our growing potato & herb plants.

We have also visited the pirate ship several times this week and all the children have been showing an increased confidence in using the climbing and balancing equipment.

Week Six, Term Four


The children have been busy finding out about Easter this week. On Monday, we hosted an Open Afternoon and many of our parents joined us for a stay and play. The Nursery’s entries for the Easter bonnet and garden competition were fantastic and it was a very difficult decision to choose our winners. 

With our focus book being the Easter story this week, the children listened really carefully to the story and then used the story-telling masks and cards to retell the main events and explore the different characters independently. 

We ended the week with a visit from the Easter bunny and everyone excitedly hunted for the different numbered eggs that had been scattered around the Nursery before enjoying their chocolate treat.

From all of us at St. Georges Church Nursery, we wish you a very Happy Easter. 


Week Five, Term Four


With the recent sunny weather, we have been spending lots of time enjoying our outside spaces. In our new Nursery garden, the children have been taking care of their growing herb garden and potato plants. As the children have been showing an interest in making spells and creating potions, we have introduced a new Potion Station outside. Also following their current interest, we have been making and investigating bubbling and scented magical science experiments. 

On Wednesday we had a whole day of child-initiated learning after a child started singing ‘This is Me’ from ‘The Greatest Showman’.  This led to an impromptu day of pictures and models being made of the circus master PT Barnum and his animals, taking a trip to the hall to practise our climbing and tight rope balancing skills as well as learning new circus skills. 

Another fun and enjoyable week in Nursery ๐Ÿ˜€


Week Four, Term Four


As part of Science Week, we joined Reception and participated in a Walking Water experiment. The children listened really well to the instructions from Mrs Bush, a Science teacher from Priory and worked together as part of a group to set up the experiment. The children excitedly observed what happened to the coloured water as it moved up the paper.

Following on from the children’s interests in shape, they have been busy finding out about the artist’s Mondrian, Kandinsky and Calder. After cutting out their coloured shapes, the children have been using examples of Mondrian’s artwork as a reference to create their own fantastic masterpieces.

On Friday, we were very lucky to be joined by Avon & Somerset Fire Brigade. Everyone enjoyed exploring the fire engine’s cabin, listening to the very loud siren, looking at all of the equipment and squirting water from the hose. We had a fantastic afternoon.

Many thanks to the Avon & Somerset Fire Brigade for coming out to see us ๐Ÿ˜Š

Week Three, Term Four


We have been fundraising for Comic Relief this week by taking part in different challenges such as a balloon-a-thon, going on a windy Red Nose welly walk and a Red Nose number challenge.

Talking about why we are raising money for people who are not as fortunate as ourselves, led to the children looking at the globe and atlases to find out about where people like Farhad and Lawand have fled from. We finished the week off by creating our own red noses and designing houses for the children who do not have a safe place to live.

Many thanks for supporting us in raising money for Comic Relief :)

Week Two, Term Four


After the introduction of a fantastic new climbing wall to our outdoor provision, the children have been thoroughly enjoying using it to develop their climbing and independence skills. There have been a lot of turn-taking taking place with the children also demonstrating aspects of problem solving, perseverance and being proud of themselves for meeting the climbing wall challenge.

Also, this week we have been celebrating our love of books by inviting the children to dress up as their favourite book characters and share their books during our story sessions. On Shrove Tuesday, we made delicious pancakes and the children enjoyed tasting them, trying different toppings and then doing the washing up.

Another busy week in Nursery :) 

Week One, Term Four


We have been making the most of the glorious spring sunshine by spending lots of time outside this week. The children have been helping to develop our Nursery garden by cleaning out the vegetable patch and flower beds and then helping to fill them with compost. They have been busy making a herb garden, chipping and planting potatoes and sowing vegetable seeds in the vegetable patch.

On Friday, we celebrated Saint David’s Day. Together we looked through a book about Saint David and learnt all about the Patron Saint of Wales. The vase of daffodils led to the children wanting to paint pictures of flowers and after lots of colour mixing experiments, fantastic observational daffodil paintings were created.

Week Six, Term Three


We were extremely lucky to have a visit from Harrisen Larner-Main who is currently a contestant on the BBC programme ‘The Voice’ this week.

The children sat and listened to him play his guitar and sing a George Ezra’s song. Harrison then played ‘I wan’na be like you’ from the Jungle Book film and the children danced, creating some fantastic individual moves to his music. 

Afterwards, this led to the children wanting to learn to play the guitar themselves. They listened to the adults instructions, sat and held the guitar in the correct position and strummed the strings to make sounds independently. 

Also this week following the discovery of a very large spider outside, the children drew some amazing spiders on the playground. This then led to us going on a bug hunt, using the magnifying glasses to search for mini beasts. In the sunshine, the children have been helping to clean up our outdoor growing area. 

Week Five, Term Three


Nursery have been learning about Chinese New Year this week. The children worked together to create a fantastic dragon, made colourful lanterns, used tools safely to cut up different ingredients and cook tasty stir fries, practised using chopsticks and tried different Chinese foods. The children have also been exploring Chinese numbers and looking at the difference between our two cultures and ways of life.

Pretzel, the school guinea pig has spent the week with us and everyone has been learning how to take care of her and giving her plenty of cuddles.

With all the rain from Storm Eric on Friday, we put on our waterproofs and went exploring outside. Everyone enjoyed jumping in the huge puddles that formed in the playground and school grounds.

Week Four – Term Three


With all the cold weather this week, there has been a lot of exploration with the ice and snow. The children have been following the weather forecasts online and excitedly waited for the predicted snow to fall.

Inside in the warm, the children made dens under tables and using the den-making equipment. Some very imaginative dens were made by the children and they enjoyed hiding and playing inside them. After a large piece of paper was stuck under a table top, the children explored making marks by torch light.

Week Three, Term Three


The children have been showing a real interest in designing and constructing roads, using the road signs, drawing their own signs and directing the Bee-bots across the board this week. There have been lots of discussions about what each of the road signs mean, what shape they are as well as using directional language within the play. Their interests were extended further by mark-making with the different vehicles and creating their own vehicles using the junk modelling. 


Week Two, Term Three


This week the children have been exploring the new wooden resources that have been introduced to our outdoor provision. Lots of communication and imaginative play has been happening on the new pirate ship with the children sailing to many far away destinations. The children have also been developing their physical skills by digging, pouring, scooping and manipulating materials within our new walk-in sand pit. Both of these resources were purchased from the money raised from last term’s sponsored walk and we are extremely grateful for our parents & carers continued support in helping us to improve our outdoor environment.

Welcome to Week 1 of Term 3


The children have settled back in quickly and warmly welcomed our new starters. This week we have joined in with the school’s English enrichment week with the focus book being Cinderella. Following our story sessions, there have been lots of imaginative role-play with the children dressing up and using the different characters mask to re-tell and act out events from the story. They have also been busy making magic wands, crowns and necklaces, designing their own shoes and playing Bingo.

Week 7, Term Two


This week, we have been doing lots of Christmas craft activities. The children have been making reindeers and monsters out of play dough, have created their Christmas cards to their loved ones and made delicious Mince Pies.

We have also been practising the songs in our Nativity and on Wednesday, welcomed the children from Reception to a dress rehearsal performance.

On Thursday, the children performed their Nativity to all of the parent / carers and after they joined us for a Christmas Come and Create session. On the last day of term, we had our Christmas Party and we were joined by a very special visitor who read a Christmas story to the children and gave them all a gift.

From all of the staff at St Georges Church Nursery, we wish you a joyful Christmas and peaceful New Year.

Week Six – Term Two


There has been great excitement this week when the children discovered that the water had frozen inside the tyres. They tried different methods to release the ice and they engaged in some super problem-solving and team work. Their ice interest was extended further by Elsa who froze our Elf Ticklebell and the children observed and talked about the changes that were happening as the ice thawed throughout the day.

On Wednesday, we held an open-door session with Reception for Christmas Around the World Day. The children made spiced biscuits, coloured Le Pere Noels, learnt the French sayings Joyeux Noel & Bonjour, watched Let it Go in French and did some mark-making in the spiced-scented foam.

We finished the week off by wearing our Christmas jumpers for a donation to the Save the Children charity. The children designed their own Christmas jumper and then hung them up on our festive washing line. 

Week Five, Term Two


On Monday, all the children were very excited to discover our special delivery from the North Pole! Inside the parcel was one of Santa's elves as well as a letter and book telling us all about our visiting elf. The children chose the name 'Ticklebell' and they have been busy drawing pictures of our new elf and finding out what he has been getting up to all week.

The children have also been learning about the Christmas story, making salt dough decorations, helping to decorate the Nursery tree as well as the nativity scenes on the corridor walls. It's been another busy week in Nursery :)

Week Four, Term Two


This week we sat with the rest of the school in the hall and watched the pantomime Cinderella. The children enjoyed shouting for the character Buttons, singing along to the songs and doing some of the actions.

The children have been engaging in lots of sensory activities and through their exploration, they have been finding out about different textures, colours and what happens when colours are mixed together. The children have also been showing super imaginative play by creating and acting out their stories with their toys.

Week Three, Term Two


As part of Road Safety week, we have been learning about keeping safe. Following on from the children’s current interest in people that help us, we invited the Police and Fire Service into Nursery. 

On their visit the Police talked about what they do, how we can stay safe on the roads and reinforced the message that they are here to help us and keep us safe. The children got to try on different police hats and helmets as well as look at the police uniform and shields.

Outside, the children were able to explore the police car, put the lights on and listen to the loud siren.

Unfortunately, due to a large local fire on the day of their planned visit, the Fire Service was unable to come in this week. However, they have reassured us that they will rearrange another visit to Nursery very soon so we will keep you posted.


Week 2, Term 2


To raise money for Children in Need, we have had a week long pyjama party in Nursery this week. As well as talking about our similarities and differences, we have been making and enjoying beans on bear toast, working together to create a giant Pudsey bear, making spotty biscuits and listening to our favourite books during our story sessions. 

We have had a great week and Nursery raised a fantastic £23.50 for Children in Need :)


Week 1, Term 2


We have had a really busy week learning about the festival of Diwali, how to stay safe on Bonfire night and why we wear poppies. The children have been exploring colour and mark-making by printing firework pictures, making Diwali lanterns, creating Rangoli patterns with coloured rice and painting a remembrance Poppy field. 

Term 1 Learning Journey 

Week 8, Term 1


This week the children have been using hammers and nails to make and follow different patterns. After showing perseverance, the children developed their control and independence skills by holding the nails with one hand and carefully tapping them into the pumpkins with the hammer. 

There was great excitement when the children opened up the pumpkins and lots of activities followed including printing, scooping out the insides, counting the seeds and making pumpkin soup. We also enjoyed reading the story Pumpkin Soup.

On Friday, after discovering frost on the field, we put on our wellies and went exploring! There were lots of discussions about the frost and how it felt on their hands and feet.

What a great end to a busy yet fantastic first term. Happy half-term break :)


Week 7, Term 1


This week we took on the challenge of walking to the local park to help raise money for our Early Years outdoor provision. With the children's parent & carers we started at Nursery and walked along the pavements and footpaths. Once we arrived at the park, we had a group snack with Reception and then the children enjoyed exploring the play equipment in the glorious sunshine. There were lots of tired legs walking back to Nursery but all of the children completed their sponsored walk.

Well done children and many thanks to all of the parent/carers that supported & joined us in making the walk a huge success!

Week 6, Term 1


The Nursery children were very excited to find some polystyrene in a cardboard box this week and this led to a snow storm being initiated outside in the playground. As they watched the snow swirl around in the wind, there were lots of discussions and observations being made by the children about the weather and changing seasons.

Following on from last week’s conker rolling, the children have been continuing their interest in making things move. This has led to a lot of investigating about height and length as well as developing their problem solving skills as the children worked out how to get the cars to land in different objects after rolling them down the ramps. 

It’s the end of another busy week in Nursery :)

Week 5, Term 1


We have been busy exploring the pirate ship again this week and the children are already becoming more confident in their climbing and balancing skills.
There has also been lots of colour mixing, leaf printing and conker rolling happening as the children continue to follow their interest in Autumn. The children all worked together really well to move the conkers around and create a fabulous collaborative picture, which is now proudly on display in Nursery.
On Friday, we took up our hamper containing all of the products that the Nursery children have kindly donated to our local Food Bank. We then joined the school and parents for the Harvest service in the hall. The children sat and listened really well and also joined in applauding the individual children’s achievements for this week in Celebration Worship. 

Week Four, Term One


There has been a lot going on in Nursery this week!

We have been enjoying French food, making flags, building Eiffel towers and wearing berets for European Day of Languages. The children have been also been looking at the Abstract Art artist Jackson Pollock and they have worked together to produce an amazing collaborative painting in his style. 

Many of the children have been partaking in trips to the park and woods with their families and bringing back their Autumn treasure bags to Nursery. The children have been investigating their finds and continuing to explore their current Autumn interest.


Week Three, Term One


This week we put on our wellies and ventured out on a welly walk. The children found lots of exciting natural treasures which they brought back to Nursery to use in their play.
Today we have all worn our jeans to raise awareness and money for Genetics UK. Everyone has been busy designing their favourite pair of jeans and there has been lots of talk about our similarities and differences as the children took selfies on the iPads and looked at their reflections in the mirrors.

Week Two Term One


Following the childrens building interest we have been busy developing our outdoor construction area. There has been a lot of stacking and building with the resources and the children have been exploring capacity by filling and emptying containers with sand as well as measuring objects with the rulers and tape measures. We had a surprise tractor visit on Thursday and the children were fascinated as they watched it work around the school grounds. The children were very excited to visit the pirate ship where they practised their climbing and balancing skills. 

Welcome to Week 1 of Term 1


All the children have settled in really well and they have been busy making new friends, getting to know our Nursery routine and exploring the indoor and outdoor environments. There has been a lot of imaginative role-play and high interest in exploring different ways of moving using the tyres, balance bikes, scooters and balance track.


Butterflies emerging

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