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We are citizens (PSHE & RSE)

I am a citizen. I am continually learning more about who I am now, and the person I am becoming. I work as part of a wider CREW to help steer and captain my school. I know that my thoughts and opinions are valued, understanding that they may be different to those of others. I can set myself goals for the future, safe in the knowledge that my school community will support me to become the very best version of me! I celebrate the differences and diversity that surrounds me and understand how to contribute to a successful and ever-changing world. I am respectful. I understand the importance of keeping myself healthy and safe, both in body and in mind. I recognise the different relationships I have formed with the people around me. I can reflect on the importance of these and seek to problem-solve when things go wrong. I understand and respect the changes that I observe happening to me as I grow. I embrace what lies ahead of me and know where to seek support when needed. I am aware of the evolving learning dispositions I characterise, and those I am aiming to foster. I am developing the knowledge and skills to flourish in life, and the dispositions to help others to flourish as well. I know that I am unique, special and capable of greatness. I am a proud citizen of St Georges and a steward of the earth, striving to do all the good I can in my own community and beyond.


We use the Jigsaw PSHE Resource as the main tool for teaching PSHE and RSE.  You can find our curriculum intent and skills progression in the document below.