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We are designers

I am a designer. I seek to use creativity to innovate. I surround myself in a range of products and inspirational contexts, before I find meaning and tell a story that sets up a new design challenge. I shape my ideas to become practical and attractive products for users. When designing, I use my knowledge and skills towards delivering a specific end and utilise appropriate technologies.

At St Georges Church Primary School we intend to provide Design Technology opportunities that will inspire children to be creative unicorns using their imaginations working creatively to design and make. We believe that high-quality DT lessons will inspire children to think independently and innovatively as well as support them to develop creative, procedural and technical understanding. Our DT curriculum provides children with opportunities to research and generate ideas, enabling them to represent them in a number of ways. Children will also be able to explore, problem solve and investigate, develop their ideas to make a product and evaluate their work. They will use a range of ways to design, monitor and control their products. Children will be exposed to a wide range of media and through this, children will develop their knowledge, skills, vocabulary and resilience. It is our aim to create strong cross-curricular links with other subjects, such as Mathematics, Science, Computing, and Art. We want Design and Technology to prepare our children, to give them the opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences they need to be successful in later life.


The National Curriculum for design and technology can be found by clicking here.