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We are explorers (Forest School)



I am an explorer, I will investigate the outdoor environment independently, developing confidence in teamwork and problem solving through activities such as den building. I will take ownership for my learning; this will help me develop confidence and self-esteem which will support me throughout life. Through investigations, I will be a curious cat, showing curiosity of the world around me, exploring seasonal change and developing knowledge of sustainability. I will show respect for all living organisms and the physical environment. During my explorations I will take risks and develop my independence and creativity. Adult encouragement will enable me to develop positive relationships and guide me to feel empowered to achieve my holistic potential.

Lunchtime Forest Schools Term 5

Thank you for all of the staff working together to get Forest School up and running at lunchtime for the children. Particular mention to Mrs Fox, who has been working with Puxton Park to have more logs delivered and opening up every day to allow up to 60 children the opportunity to enjoy their lunchtime in there and get involved in the activities.

Forest School opens every lunchtime and any children can attend from YR - Y6. They may have to queue up for a spot as it is proving to be very popular at the moment! Every 15 minutes the children are rotated if the club is full.