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We are historians

I am a Historian. I am curious about the past in Britain and the wider world. I reflect on how my knowledge of the past affects me today and impacts upon my future. As a Historian and a Steward of the Earth, I consider how to learn from history and make decisions based on the influences that my ancestors have had on politics, beliefs and impact on others.  I have an understanding of my place in history and the chronology of key events that have shaped the world in which I live. I can connect my understanding of these events to other areas of my learning, including being a musician, geographer, scientist and writer. I am able to weigh up evidence, understand bias and articulate judgement critically as a historian. Through critical analysis of historical events and the impact of significant people on the diversity of the human race, I am able to see myself as a positive world citizen and accept others.  

At St Georges, we believe that through being Historians, our children learn to understand the processes of change, and understand the complexity of people’s lives through concepts such as democracy, power, republic, despotism, law, persecution, freedom. What our children learn in studying History can influence their own decisions about personal choice, attitudes and their values, because anything is possible for one who believes.

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