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Peripatetic Music Lessons

North Somerset Music Service – Peripatetic Music Lessons


North Somerset Music Service offer music lessons during the school day to all children in Year 3 and above at North Somerset schools. The teachers visit all schools on a weekly basis to teach the most popular instruments.


Children are currently able to learn a wide variety of instruments. At St Georges Church School, we are able to offer the children lessons in the following instruments:


Clarinet - Flute - Oboe - Saxophone - Violin - Guitar – Keyboard - Voice - Trumpet


The benefits of learning an instrument go far beyond musical achievement.


  • Increased self esteem
  • Enhanced perceptual, language
  • Better general attainment and creativity
  • Increased sense of identity
  • Enhanced social skills
  • Better team-working skills
  • A sense of achievement
  • Confidence and self-discipline
  • Improved physical co-ordination
  • Better critical thinking skills


There is a charge for lessons, North Somerset Music Service set the charges for the lessons and are currently about £60 a child for group lessons or £120 for individual lessons, for a block of 10 lessons. We ask parents to sign a contract to agree to payment of these charges and once the contract is signed we will arrange tuition for your child every term unless we receive two new term’s notice in writing to say you wish lessons to discontinue. Unfortunately, we cannot accept a verbal message from your child. When we receive your notice, you will receive an acknowledgment from the office; if you do not receive written acknowledgement from the office, it means we have not received your notice and you may still be charged for lessons.


If you wish your child to learn and/or continue to learn to play an instrument, please complete the contract, indicating the instrument of choice and your willingness to pay the required fees.


Children for whom the school receives a Pupil Premium Grant (please see the school website for criteria or ask in the office) can receive help with the cost of lessons. They may also be able to receive help with provision of an instrument and all essential music and materials through North Somerset Music Service. Please ask for further details.


You can usually hire instruments from the Music Service in the first instance at charges ranging from £8-£20 per term (6 per year).


If your child is unsure which instrument they might like to learn, North Somerset Music Service may be able to arrange for a teacher to meet your child and suggest a suitable instrument, give them a try on some, or meet with you and discuss the best way forward.


To learn more about the Music Service please go to or telephone 01934 426430.

Peripatetic Music Contract

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