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Religious Education

As required by the 1988 Education Reform Act, Religious Education is taught in accordance with the North Somerset Agreed Syllabus, Awareness, Mystery and Value (AMV). We  use 'Discovery RE' and 'Understanding Christianity' to enhance our teaching as they both help the children to answer key questions about RE as well as providing a relevant context in which to put their learning.


Children are given the opportunity to learn about the six major religions of the world, but with at least 2/3 of the teaching being about Christianity. As a Church School, we celebrate our Christian Values across all aspects of school life but offer the children the opportunity to make their own decisions regarding Christianity and religion in general.


Please note there may be adjustments to the order and emphasis of our curriculum for the remainder of the 2020/2021  due to the covid19 pandemic, and our analysis of the gaps in coverage and understanding relating to this. Therefore, the documents below may not totally reflect the teaching and learning currently taking place in each class.

Please click below for more detailed information about what is taught in each class.  This link will take you to the class pages.
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