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Come and meet the staff at our school.

Mrs Jenny Venning - Headteacher      


Mrs Rachel Clark - Deputy Headteacher, Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Karen Mogg - Nursery Manager

Miss Lisa Bavin - Nursery Deputy Manager

Mrs Jane Cooper - Reception Teacher

Miss Emily Chamberlain - Year 1 Teacher

Miss Emma Muff - Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Alison Grant - Year 3 Teacher (part time), Pastoral Lead 

Mrs Samantha Jones -Year 3 Teacher (part time)

Mrs Rebecca Starr - Year 5 Teacher

Mr Julian Bassham - Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Sarah Starr- Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Rebecca Starr- Year 6 Teacher (part time)

Mrs Tessa Biggart - HLTA


Mrs Diane Anderson - SENDCo

Mrs Sarah Kennedy - Office Manager

Mrs Catherine Andrews - Administrator 

Mrs Amy Haynes - Nursery Administrator


Mr Michael Barrett - Caretaker

Mrs Samantha Harris YR TA

Mrs Jayne Rowe - Year 1 TA

Mrs Theresa Ogborne - Year 2 TA

Mrs Deborah Liddiard - Year 3 TA (HLTA)

Mrs Sally Winfield - Year 4 TA

Mrs Sarah Seaton - Year 5/6 TA


Miss Lindsey Allen - Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Jane Batchelor - Early Years Assistant

Miss Amelia Downward - Early Years Practitioner

Miss Samantha Yendle - Early Years Practitioner


Mrs Fiona Fox - 1 to 1 TA

Mrs Karen Jenkins - 1 to 1 TA

Miss Amy Hawkins - additional TA support in YR


Miss Anita Doyle - Breakfast Club Assistant, Cleaner

Mrs Elizabeth Jones - Breakfast Club Assistant, Senior MDSA

Miss Joanne MacDonald - MDSA

Mrs Krisztina Somosi - Cleaner

Miss Amy Wells - Cleaner

Mrs Leanne White - MDSA

Mrs Michelle Winfield - MDSA


(MDSA = Midday Supervisory Assistant)

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